Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cafepress Partners With Pure Digital Technologies

From Cafepress:

CafePress is thrilled to announce a branded partnership with Pure Digital Technologies — makers of the wildly-popular Flip Mino Camcorders. By teaming up together, video lovers can now take their movie-making creativity one step further by customizing their Flip Mino camcorders. How fun is that?

Only time will tell how this plays out. There's plenty of Pro's and Con's to this. A few pro's are: Perfect time for release (Holiday Shopping Season is nearly upon us) And Marketing is at teen's (which love customization). And A few con's are: The economy isn't doing so well, the regular white/black version can be found for much cheaper, And as with any electronic device, it'll be outdated before long. From a shopkeeper perspective, I love the out of left field that Cafepress went with. They are very fun to design for, but I myself have limited myself to just 21 designs due to not expecting to sell alot if any at all. I do hope the Partnership lasts and us shopkeepers get the opportunity to Create Designs for other Pure Digital Technology products in the future.
SOURCE: Cafepress