Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Girl Gone Biker

Since it's Harley's 105th Anniversary this year and the party is this weekend here in Milwaukee, I've decided to pick out a Biker themed shirt. I chose this one because, well, I didn't wanna grab a typical male biker shirt. Also this one has a really nicely designed woman on a bike design. This great design came from Motogear4Her and they offer many more different sayings with this same design.

SOURCE: Motogear4Her

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Totally Blogging This

Saw this and just had too....

Blogging is definitely the hip thing to do these days, and everyone is doing it! This trendy, cute, cool "I'm Totally Blogging This" saying gear is a great gift idea for the blog fanatic.

LINK: KippyGo Designs

Zazzle's Got A New Look

Email From Zazzle:

Welcome to the new Zazzle!

As a commerce re-defining platform, Zazzle is much less interested in promoting itself than it is in promoting our users and the content they generate. This overhaul of Zazzle's identity is intended to create a brand that allows us to step back from the limelight so that your content takes the center stage.

Our new, subdued black and white color scheme is neutral, friendly, inclusive and kind of hip (just enough that it won't turn anyone away). We chose this clean and simple aesthetic to let the colors and beauty of your original content really pop off the page. You might even think of this new site as a kind of empty coloring book and your products as the crayons.

Our new logo is also simple and bold. We designed it to look a little bit like a copyright © or registered trademark ® symbol, because we want you to think of the Zazzle logo as a kind of trademark symbol you might slap down next to your own brand as a way to let the world know that Zazzle's got your back. We will ensure the best consumer experience and retail quality products for all of your designs.

Some of the key descriptive words we used internally when working on this new brand included simple, clean, trustworthy, strong, universal, and unique. We hope you agree with the intent and like the results.

As always, we're very interested in hearing what you think. Feel free to drop us a note anytime, about the new brand or about anything else you might have on your mind, using our feedback form.

From the entire team that made this rebrand possible, thank you for Zazzling!

Darren Luvaas
Creative Director, Zazzle

I must admit the new look is a major improvement over their old layout. But I feel they can still do better. Look at Premium Shops on Cafepress once...

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Not That I'm Lazy

Say it with pride, It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. Most of the american work force hate their jobs, and who could blame them if their offices ar anything like office space.

SOURCE: Media Tees

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Around Barstow

Hunter S. Thompson art t-shirt inspired by the opening line in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. "We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold."

SOURCE: Gonzo Tees

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ekset Apparel was founded in 2002 with a message in mind: hindsight is foresight. Through design and a creative team, Ekset Apparel focuses on a motivated message that we are all able to learn from our life experiences and in turn be a part of a movement that will make for a better tomorrow. Here is one of my favorite designs from them, Atrium:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cowbell Hero

It started a few years back on a faithful day in April. April 1st to be exact. The fools day. One of the jokes spread that day was that Harmonix, makers of Guitar Hero, announced they're next version of the popular game. They were ditching the Guitars and going ahead with the Cowbell, yes thats right COWBELL! Over at TorsoPants they have created a great Guitar Hero Parody shirt with the Cowbell. More Cowbell?

SOURCE: TorsoPants

Monday, August 11, 2008

Custom $2 T-Shirts from

Yes, thats not a typo. For a (supposed) limited time, is offering (1) White T-Shirt with a design you upload for just $2. All you need to do is upload your image, pick your size, and your shirt will ship in 3-5 days. It's as easy as one, two, three!

How can they offer it for so cheap you ask? Simple, its like a test shirt. They want to get you to try it out, and continue to use their services. I myself will be taking up their offer on the shirt shortly. Can't say no to such a cheap custom designed shirt, can you? Now just what design to use.... lol!

Of course after the fine print you find out while the shirt is technically $2, you'll pay more since shipping and handling is not included. But still, its a great deal.

SOURCE: PrintFection

Google Insights: A look at POD Brand Awareness

[This is based on brand awareness. Each graph shows how many people in the country of U.S.A. are aware of CafePress, Zazzle, Spreadshirt or Printfection.]

Google just released a new product called Insights, a tool designed to helped advertisers gain a clearer picture of search behavior, aided by some very cool heat maps .

I decided to have a little fun by typing in the four main PODs, to visually see which had the greatest brand awareness in the U.S. Talk on WebmasterWorld suggests to take the information with a grain of salt (or two) - so I’m not sure how accurate it is, apparently it’s not yet tallying up with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. But take from it what you will, it’s just a bit of fun And the results are what I’d expect anyway.

(I like how it clearly shows that CafePress need to do some work in Wyoming and North / South Dakota)



Go and have a play yourself - Google Insights >>>

SOURCE: TShirtChat

Circuit-ulatory System

Todays Great T-Shirt Design comes from Shirt.Woot!

Shirt.Woot! is a derby type t-shirt design contest site. Some amazing and original work comes out of those derbies. Not only that but Shirt.Woot! has a great writing style and sense of humor. Check out some of the descriptions they put on the items they sell. Pure comedy gold. Here is one of the recent Shirt.Woot! winners that has become a favorite of mine.

SOURCE: Shirt.Woot!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zazzle Now Offering Custom Shoes

Zazzle's custom shoes are the first shoes that you can design from the soles up! Their proprietary technology allows you to create the highest quality footwear with your photos, designs, text and more, ensuring a pair of shoes unique as you. Choose from 5 different Keds shoe styles for women and kids to make your perfect custom shoe today! Delivered in one to two weeks, depending on shipping method.

SOURCE: Zazzle

CafePress Changes Volume Bonus Program


Straight from CafePress:

A successful CafePress Marketplace is essential for us all, and as time goes on we’d like to continue its growth. Over the past few years we’ve invested lots of time and money into increasing Marketplace sales, and it’s been worth the effort; what was once just an “idea” is now an incredibly significant part of business for Shopkeepers and CafePress.

As a result of that success, we’ve now reached a point where the combination of Volume Bonus and advertising costs are exceeding Marketplace profits.

Rather than halting promotional and advertising efforts that drive Marketplace sales – which would result in significantly fewer sales for both Shopkeepers and CafePress – we’ve determined that we need to restructure the Volume Bonus program.

This will play both a positive roll for some CafePress shopkeepers and a negative for others. The Volume Bonus is being restructured to where Marketplace sales a no longer accounted towards the Volume Bonus. So if a shopkeeper gets most of his/her sales from the Marketplace they will no longer see that nice Volume Bonus they are used to. On the other hand, for shopkeepers that get consumers to buy straight from their shops, they will see a nice increase in the bonus. CafePress has upped the percentage on the Bonus with this change. A positive for all with this change though, is that Affiliate sales will no longer be taken from the shopkeepers markup.

For more information, CLICK HERE.

SOURCE: CafePress


Starting off kicking it old school. This great homage to the 8-bit gaming era is brought to you by Krushervision. Features a graffiti-esqe type design with the buttons from the old NES Controller and the saying "8-bit". Show your love for the days of the 8-bit renaissance... Mountain Dew-fueled all-night Zelda sessions, making Metroid maps, and the Contra Code.

SOURCE: Krushervision