Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cafepress: Revamped Look

At Cafepress, we're all about "Self Expression, Rewarded." (our mantra). Yet as you can see from teh note above, even our Co-Founder and CEO Fred Durham wasn't feeling it. So we put the wheels in motion for a rebranding.

Quick note from the team on our make-over:

It all started with a new logo. With a stamped-on feel, it's a tip-of-the-cap to our community's hand-crafted creativity. It says "do it yourself," which is what we're all about. It's also slightly distressed, which again speaks to the fact that none of us -- including folks in our community and the CafePress team -- are perfectly polished.

We've also added some fresh new colors to the palette, which we'll also be sprinkling in. Why? Because if there's one word that reflects our community, it's "colorful." You'll also notice that in some places we're keeping the palette very neutral. This lets your designs be the real heroes on pages, since enabling our Shopkeeper community is paramount.

Naturally, this is just the first leg on our new road to self-expression. It's our way of growing up, while staying fun.

CafePress Team


Some good, some bad, some what the hell were you smoking? There are some things about the overhaul I like (like how the Marketplace looks), some things I don't like (the text size increased throughout the site), and even some things that had me thinking, what the hell were you smoking? (The new CP logo is ugly and very unprofessional. It looks bad on CPs site and even worse when shrunken and blacked out on Premium shops). Alot of CP Shopkeepers are not pleased with the changes. Even some that are ready to pack up and head to the competition. I will ride it out for a while and see if I can adapt to the changes. I loved CP for its ease of use. If it stays easy through this change, I'll still be using it. If not, I'll be with others in exploring the other POD options out there.

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TD Junkie said...

The revamped cafepress isn't that great, their original logo was lot better, after the have changed their logo their brand name seems to be diminishing, they've lost alot of shopkeepers to their competition (Zazzle).

They've also implemented drastic marketplace changes in which all shopkeepers will get 10% mark up from the marketplace, no matter how good your designs are everyone gets the same.

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