Sunday, August 10, 2008

CafePress Changes Volume Bonus Program

Straight from CafePress:

A successful CafePress Marketplace is essential for us all, and as time goes on we’d like to continue its growth. Over the past few years we’ve invested lots of time and money into increasing Marketplace sales, and it’s been worth the effort; what was once just an “idea” is now an incredibly significant part of business for Shopkeepers and CafePress.

As a result of that success, we’ve now reached a point where the combination of Volume Bonus and advertising costs are exceeding Marketplace profits.

Rather than halting promotional and advertising efforts that drive Marketplace sales – which would result in significantly fewer sales for both Shopkeepers and CafePress – we’ve determined that we need to restructure the Volume Bonus program.

This will play both a positive roll for some CafePress shopkeepers and a negative for others. The Volume Bonus is being restructured to where Marketplace sales a no longer accounted towards the Volume Bonus. So if a shopkeeper gets most of his/her sales from the Marketplace they will no longer see that nice Volume Bonus they are used to. On the other hand, for shopkeepers that get consumers to buy straight from their shops, they will see a nice increase in the bonus. CafePress has upped the percentage on the Bonus with this change. A positive for all with this change though, is that Affiliate sales will no longer be taken from the shopkeepers markup.

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SOURCE: CafePress