Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Zazzle's Got A New Look

Email From Zazzle:

Welcome to the new Zazzle!

As a commerce re-defining platform, Zazzle is much less interested in promoting itself than it is in promoting our users and the content they generate. This overhaul of Zazzle's identity is intended to create a brand that allows us to step back from the limelight so that your content takes the center stage.

Our new, subdued black and white color scheme is neutral, friendly, inclusive and kind of hip (just enough that it won't turn anyone away). We chose this clean and simple aesthetic to let the colors and beauty of your original content really pop off the page. You might even think of this new site as a kind of empty coloring book and your products as the crayons.

Our new logo is also simple and bold. We designed it to look a little bit like a copyright © or registered trademark ® symbol, because we want you to think of the Zazzle logo as a kind of trademark symbol you might slap down next to your own brand as a way to let the world know that Zazzle's got your back. We will ensure the best consumer experience and retail quality products for all of your designs.

Some of the key descriptive words we used internally when working on this new brand included simple, clean, trustworthy, strong, universal, and unique. We hope you agree with the intent and like the results.

As always, we're very interested in hearing what you think. Feel free to drop us a note anytime, about the new brand or about anything else you might have on your mind, using our feedback form.

From the entire team that made this rebrand possible, thank you for Zazzling!

Darren Luvaas
Creative Director, Zazzle

I must admit the new look is a major improvement over their old layout. But I feel they can still do better. Look at Premium Shops on Cafepress once...